Beginning of Twins

As a little girl we all dream of becoming a mother someday right? For the longest time, I didn’t want any kids. I didn’t want to go through the pregnancy, the labor, the sickness and all that comes with it.

But as I got older, I of course changed my mind! I wanted 2 kids. I figured that would be best. They would grow up to be best friends and always be there for each other. I didn’t think about how close I wanted to have them. I know some moms have kids within a year or 2 of their first baby. I know some moms wait until their 1st child is around 5 or 6 years old before trying for another baby.

I got married in August 2016 to my best friend, Christopher. He is my everything. My rock, my support system, my silly man. He would do anything for me no matter how much I get on his nerves some days. Anyways, before we got married we decided that we both only wanted 2 children. We would wait to start having kids until a year or 2 after we got married to enjoy each other.

Well fast forward only 4 months (December 2016) and I find out that I’m pregnant! It started with Urgent Care. I wasn’t feeling that well and my stomach hurt badly. Once I got all checked in and the doctor finally came in the room, she listened to my symptoms and said, “Those are symptoms of a miscarriage”. Christopher and I looked at each other and said “What? I’m not pregnant though so how can that be?”

The doctor didn’t want to waste anymore time apparently because she called Kadlec Hospital and let them know we were on our way. So we drive over to Kadlec and get in a room. I get blood drawn and told to change in a robe so they can take me down to ultrasound. At this point Christopher and I are talking about the big “What if?” What if I AM pregnant? What are we going to do? We were both excited but also scared if I did happen to be having a miscarriage.

A nurse comes in with a wheelchair and wheels me down to ultrasound. They get me on the table and slap the doppler on my belly. After a couple minutes, the nurse stops and says, “Ok everything looks good. There’s 1 and 2 right there”

1 AND 2????

Christopher replies with “Wait…what did you just say?!” The nurse looks at us like we were crazy. She pointed at the 2 little peanuts on the screen and said “1 and 2” again.

“It looks like it’s twins. It’s still a little early but I would say you are pregnant with twins for sure”

I just stared at the screen in awe. Twins?! How? There aren’t even twins in either families!

It took me a couple days to realize, ok, you are pregnant. You are also pregnant with twins. Time to take care of yourself. I called my OBGYN and made an appointment ASAP. They got me in the next week and confirmed that I was pregnant with identical twins. (Both babies were in the same placenta which makes them identical)

That is my story on finding out I was pregnant with twins. People always ask me how I found out and what my reaction was. It was shock and happiness. I got my 2 kids in 1 shot.


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