4/20 Man

I can’t believe how many positive comments I had about my first post! I appreciate it all and hope you all stick around to keep reading 🙂

So yesterday as we all know, was April 20th. Otherwise known famously as “420 – Weed Day” Let me tell you, I am NOT a smoker of any kind.

Ok that’s sort of a lie so let’s back up…

In high school I tried smoking weed a couple times (sorry mom) and hated it. I just coughed the whole time and it did nothing for me. The only other thing I’ve smoked “a lot” of was hookah. I mean, does that even count?! I’m going to say no. That’s better than smoking meth am I right?

Anyways, back to 420. It was talked about on almost all radio stations, at work, around town, and the Wiz Khalifa concert.

Yup. This twin mama went to a Wiz concert and stayed up way past her bedtime. And it was a blast! Most people don’t know that’s the kind of music I listen to most days, but I have been waiting so long to see him in concert.

There was a ton of smoking going on in that stadium. Wiz just kept it going by passing out joints to people on ground level and smoking for a couple songs on stage. Then he proceeded to throw out about 4 huge ass inflatable joints to where people hit it (no pun intended) like a beach ball.

All in all, it was fun to see him rap in person. Although all that smoke did not help my sore throat whatsoever…

Now I’m back to my normal life watching Elmo’s World with my boys learning about shapes. 2 completely different worlds.


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