Downhill Kind of Night

**Note – I will never say my children’s names. They will be referred to as “Baby A” and “Baby B” or “the twins”, “the boys” etc…**

What a horrible night.

Let’s backup for a bit so you get the full story. The boys were fine. They went to church with us, took their regular scheduled naps, ate their normal food, and were even happy! Until this afternoon hit. I’m going to guess maybe around 2:00 p.m. Twin A started getting this nasty cough. It sounds like he is getting croup again honestly.

What’s croup you ask? Well for people out there that are not parents, it’s this horrible heart breaking cough that your infant gets when they are sick. If I had to pair a certain sound to it, I would say…it sounds like a seal. You know, when you’re at the beach and you see a bunch of seals that are barking at each other? Imagine that sound coming out of your 9 month old baby while he winces and kind of cries when he does it. Like I said, heart breaking.

Anyways, so everything is still going fine despite the cough he has. Then we get to dinner time and my husband is feeding Baby A while I feed Baby B. About 7 minutes into feeding, Baby A starts gaging. So we lean him forward a bit and pat his back. Give him some formula to wash it down. Next thing we know – projectile vomit onto the high chair tray. A lot of it.

Oh it was so sad. Luckily, Baby A didn’t cry or anything. Although he did look like of scared. Then Baby B started crying so I got him out of his high chair and took him over to the couch. Chris stepped in and gave Baby B his bottle while I took over cleaning up Baby A. I gently took him out of the chair and took him into the bedroom. I changed his diaper, put him in PJ’s and gave him medicine. His temperature is normal. 98.3 to be exact.

Baby B on the other hand….

After getting Baby A ready for bed and giving him to my grandma to feed him his bottle, I took Baby B to the bedroom. (My husband went to clean up the dinner table) I gave him medicine and a clean diaper/PJ’s. I took his temperature and it’s 99.4! I put him to bed with no blanket and rubbed his back until he passed out with a binky in mouth. I did the same with Baby A once he was done with his bottle. Hopefully they sleep off whatever they have. If anything, I hope Baby B sleeps off this temperature.

It’s really hard seeing your babies go through that. They aren’t able to tell you what’s wrong, what hurts, or why they are even crying. I just know that as soon as Baby A started vomiting, my mommy instincts kicked in full gear and I needed to take care of both my children no matter what. My poor husband thinks that I think he’s not capable to clean up the babes or take care of them. That’s not it at all. I know he can do it. But as a mom…I just needed to step in and do it so I knew my tiny’s were OK.

Who can relate?


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