Day 1 But Really Day 3

So as I was eating a candy bar at my desk while my co-worker next to me was eating her healthy kid-day snack, I realized I should be eating better. Taking care of myself more so I have the energy.

I weighed myself on Monday, 161 pounds. UGH! That’s the heaviest I’ve ever been (that’s about what I weighed when I was 8 months pregnant with the twins. So I started Monday with a breakfast protein shake (consisted of: strawberries, banana, oats, honey, milk and ice cubes). For lunch I had salmon, asparagus and brown rice. For a mid-day snack, I had a cheese stick. And for dinner I have chicken.

Today is Friday. I’ve stuck to this different eating routine the whole week and I can honestly say that I have more energy! I feel better, I haven’t weighed myself yet though. I’d rather wait at least another week for that. I also started exercising at night by finding some routines on Pinterest.

Since I’m at home, it’s really just different styles of crunches, squats and sit ups. My abs HURT so bad. But I know it’ll be worth it.

So today is Day 3 and my words of the day are: this sucks.


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