Can I get a few things off my chest for a moment? Ok thanks..

I’ve been seeing a lot of my friends (Facebook & Insta) post about their children, New Years resolutions, starting their own businesses, the list goes on and on. Basically everyone is posting about how incredibly great their life is going…or not great in some cases.

First thing on my mind – children.

I think it’s important to say here that I LOVE seeing my friends babies grow up. It’s like I’m there but not because I’m really sitting on my butt scrolling through my feeds and the kids have no idea who I am and the parents haven’t seen me since high school. A few of my friends have gone through miscarriages in 2018 and for that my heart saddens for them. What a hard thing to go through. With that statement brings me to my confession – I feel guilty that I was able to carry and give birth to twins. There are people out there that couldn’t have their baby! Or they are going through countless medications, treatments, and doctor appointments to get pregnant and complete their loving family. Yet here I stand with 2 babies and they have none. Sometimes I think too much and too hard about it. Other times I stare at my boys and thank God for them because let me tell you, life was SO boring without them!

NEXT! New Year’s resolutions –

I know everyone has the same resolutions but I really want to get in flipped shape! Holy crap guys, I lost the baby weight when I had the boys but damn I put it back on! I need to look into YouTube videos to do in the morning or at night (since I have no time to go to a gym bc kids) and actually TRY to eat better. Why treat my body like a garbage can and just give it fast food or fatty foods in general? So I’m making a grocery list and sticking to the “eating better way” (Let’s not call it a diet ok?) Please give me your workout routines, ideas or recipes if you have any!

For real though guys, please just stay humble, appreciate anything you have and always try to be the best you. Holy dang that sounds too cliche for me. How about  I just say bye?

I literally could go on and on with what’s on my mind but I don’t want to overload this post too much. Next post I’ll focus on 1 topic how bout that? Hopefully y’all stick around.



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