One Hell of a Week

How’s everything going?

I’m so incredibly tired at this point. I feel like I haven’t caught up on any sleep since Saturday. I can’t remember if I told you what happened….if not then let’s recap because I’m sleep deprived and that’s just how it’s going to happen.

Saturday: Baby B wakes up with a fever so I give him some medicine and he acts completely fine the rest of the day. He’s a bit whiney here and there so I figured he is teething his molars. I give him teething gel and he’s good for a few hours. Night time comes and all hell breaks loose!! He’s crying so hard because his gums hurt. (if you’ve ever had children, you know exactly what I’m going through when I say he’s teething his molars. Those suckers hurt) It takes a few times through the night to get him to finally go to sleep…in our bed. He wouldn’t stay in his crib for 20 seconds without crying so hard. He’d only be some-what OK in our bed.

Sunday: Everything is fine with him. He’s sleeping soundly and my husband and I go to bed. 11:30 rolls around and I wake up out of a dead sleep with terrible stomach pains. I’m crying and wiggling all around because of the pain. I am laying in bed and remember that I have peppermint essential oil in my purse that I usually rub on my stomach to help ease the pain. I go out to the dinning room – no purse. I go to the entry table – no purse. I check the couch – NO PURSE! Then it hits me, I left it at my husband’s grandparents house! By this time it’s a little past midnight. I tell my husband and luckily grandparents are still awake so we tell them he’s coming to get my purse since it has my car keys and everything else I need in there. (Keep in mind driving from our house to their house is a solid 15 minutes) So, my husband drives there and back within an hour. We finally go to bed around 2:00 and my alarm to get ready for work goes off at 5:30.

Monday: Baby B has another terrible night with lots and lots of crying. Everything we do won’t calm him down. Name something to help calm a baby……we tried it!! Eventually we put him in his car seat and my husband drove him around the City for about 10 minutes. He gets back and Baby B is asleep. I get him out of his carseat and into his crib. Everything is fine. Fast forward 1 minute and 16 seconds – Baby B is crying hard again. So…back in the car he goes. This time my husband drives around for 20 minutes. When he gets home we put the baby in our bed and he sleeps for an hour and a half at a time.

Tuesday & Wednesday we’ve been staying up too late playing video games and scrolling through social media feeds. SO that brings us to Thursday (today) It’s currently 9:00 pm exactly and I’m going to bed.

Welcome to parenthood I suppose.


2 thoughts on “One Hell of a Week

  1. Woah!! What a week…it has to get better, right?! When you have bad weeks it sure does seem like they’re twice as bad when you have twins doesn’t it? Hoping things are going more smoothly for you!


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