How’s it Going?

Hi everyone!

How’s it going? Today was a long day at work that never ended and now I sit on the floor with my laptop in my lap while my youngest son jumps around and plays with his toys. I originally sat down on the couch but he walked right up to me, took my hand and led me upstairs, and made me sit on the ground. Warmed my heart right up because he just needed his mama to sit with him and keep him company – so here I am.

How was your day? Did you get any Christmas shopping done? Are you even all done with shopping?! I think I am…although I could continue on and keep buying, but I also need to remember my bank account and pump the breaks lol. I just love giving gifts! (ok, and receiving them too…)

Not a whole lot going on in my world, honestly just work and home and once winter break is over I’ll start classes again towards my AAS degree in Business Admin so I’m taking in these 2 weeks of pure nothing!


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