Boiling Eggs

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Since moving into the new house, it’s been WAY to hectic. Moving with 2 babies is a tough thing to do and I never want to do it again!!

There really is not much of an update except that we have a new house…but you already knew that.

Currently I am trying to boil eggs for the first time in my life. That’s right. I, Kylie, have never boiled eggs and have no idea how!! I just know you put them in the water, turn the stove on and boil for…10 minutes? 15? I couldn’t tell ya how long they’ve even been on the stove now.

Anyways, summer is fast approaching over here and I’m loving it! I love being outside in the heat. Have you ever heard of someone say that before? I’m just a weirdo who loves being in the 100 plus weather. I thought I would share my blue drink recipe with you to cool you down. I usually make this for parties and it’s such a huge hit!

Baby Blue Summer Drink

Start with a big punch dispenser or container

Pour 3 cups of ice in the bottom

Pour in 2 liters of Minute Maid Lemonade

Pour in Blue Hawaiian Punch (1 liter at a time…sometimes it can over power it)

Stir together and pour in more lemonade or punch as needed.

Done! How easy is that? Trust me, your guests, kids, friends, family, whoever! Will absolutely love this summer drink by the pool.

Update: Boiling eggs was a success! I left them boiling for about 15 minutes and they came out great. Although, some already started cracking so maybe next time I will leave on the stove for only 10 minutes.



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